The Chef Domenico Candela

“Reality will take shape in the memory alone” (Marcel Proust)

My cooking is a journey into memory and memory of the journey.

“To me remembering means bringing back into my heart the moments of childhood as well as rediscover them in the designed alchemy of flavors, scents, colors that are in my dishes. After being welcomed in France, homeland of education, I proudly land back to my town to conjugate emotion and memory with the accuracy and the rigor of fineness. I bring my choices to the table, the products from the territories of excellence, the love for sauces, the authenticity of the tomato that joins the exalting scent of basil. I bring to the table my daily journey into the world of gastronomic art.”



“Tradition is successful innovation”

Oscar Wilde
Guest at the grand Hotel Parker’s, September 1897